Natural stone paving slabs for patios and paths

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Kandla Grey paving slabKandla Grey

Kandla Grey natural Indian sandstone paving slabs are produced in place called Kandla which is in Kutch District of Gujarat state in western India. These slabs are perfect for patio or garden paving, their grey colour would brighten up the dark areas and complement tradition or contemporary surroundings of your garden. The slabs are suitable to British weather, with low maintenance required you will be able to relax and enjoy the finished results.


Raj GreenRaj Green paving slab

Our Raj Green combines subtle tones of green, grey and brown to provide a luscious pale-green overall finish that is equally impressive as a stand-alone stone area, or as a compliment to a planted, established garden.




ModakModak paving slab

Modak natural Indian sandstone paving slabs have colourful effect. The mixture of colours like light pink, orange and golden would brighten up your garden or patio. These sturdy sandstones are slip and weather resistance. The slabs will make your outdoors look outstanding and add a different perspective. These light coloured and eye-catching slabs would compliment any type of surroundings.



Autumn BrownAutumn Brown paving slab

Autumn Brown natural Indian sandstone paving slabs are made of natural stones providing different tones look. These sandstone slabs are hard weaving and contains colours of golden-yellow with hints of green. This type of sandstones have many advantages, to name a few these are suitable to the British weather, neat presentation, non-slip surface. These reliable and stable stones would enhance your patio or garden whether you opt for the calibrated slabs or circle design.



Sagar Black paving slabSagar Black

Sagar Black Sandstone is a very rare and valuable sandstone as it is only available in limited quarries. The course grained Sagar Black sandstone has a natural black colour with very subtle shades of yellow around the edges.




Hereford RedHereford Red paving slab

Hereford Red or as is popularly called Agra Red Sandstone got its name from the quarries location and its proximity to Agra City famous world over for being the host of one of the Seven Wonders of the World THE "TAJ MAHAL". Sandstones take its colour based on the minerals' proximity to the rock at the time of formation. Red color is imparted due to the presence of Iron Oxides near the bedding planes. This is hard wearing sandstone designed for conformity of color and a contemporary styling.



Fossil MintFossil Mint paving slab

Fossil mint comprises stone of varying subtle shades of blue, purple, gold and green to create a stunning spearmint-coloured stone area that will brighten up any pathway or patio.




Sunset YellowSunset Yellow paving slab

Our Sunset Yellow provides a stunning golden-yellow finish that will compliment any garden or pathway, giving a bright and attractive stoned area radiating warmth.





Rippon BuffRippon Buff paving slab

Having subtle pink, gold and green tones, our Rippon Buff will add colour and vibrancy to any country or town garden, come rain or shine.







Kota Blue paving slabKota Blue

Providing an eye-catching pastel blue limestone adding colour to your seating or paved area, this Kota Blue mined from the Kota region in India.




Black LimestoneBlack Limestone paving slab

Great for a modern and contemporary feel, Black limestone is consistently charcoal-black in colour with a very lightly textured surface which is naturally a lot less riven than the sandstones, despite being cut using the same technique.